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We are an installation office that values optimal and energy-saving solutions based on modern technologies. We design, consult, evaluate and analyse solutions used in existing buildings, we propose and design solutions that give the investor energy independence at every stage of the investment's life. We start with an idea, through initial concepts, analysis and selection of optimal installation solutions in close cooperation with the Investor or Contractor.

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Our documentation is based on BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, which is the basis for construction and assembly works. Installation elements are modeled in 3D space, which ensures full multi-discipline coordination and facilitates and accelerates their installation. After the investment is completed, the resulting BIM model is an invaluable knowledge base for the investor. Our models are built with simple billing and work scheduling in mind at the stage of building the facility. Thanks to this technology, it was possible to implement the "zero collision" program in our office.


The advice and knowledge of our experts contribute to achieving excellent results in a shorter time, which often translates into measurable financial savings.


Our consulting services cover a wide range of areas, including: at the design stage of electrical, BMS and telecommunications installations, but also in the field of energy efficiency optimization, operational optimization and assessment of compliance with applicable regulations and standards.


We also provide support services to Investors or General Contractors (also in the "design-build" mode) at the investment implementation stage. We provide comprehensive services in the field of supervision over contract implementation, including verification and optimization of project documentation in accordance with applicable regulations, conditions specified in the contract and in terms of financial optimization. We cooperate with both the public and private sectors, adapting the scope of solutions to the individual needs of the client.

Data center server room

Our server room designs are based on the latest standards and technologies to ensure optimal working conditions for computer equipment and maximum energy efficiency. We take a comprehensive approach to design, taking into account aspects related to cooling, backup power, protection against external threats and scalability, so that our server rooms are ready for the future requirements of the developing market.


We work with a variety of industries and clients, from small businesses to large corporations, providing solutions that meet their unique needs.

Design and build

The "Design and Build" mode was created especially for those investors who are looking for comprehensive service. When building facilities in this formula, we coordinate the investment process at every stage - from developing the concept to putting the facility into use. We provide 3D scanning of disappearing works as well as updating and parameterization of the BIM model

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Our design team consists of people with extensive experience, high ambitions, full of enthusiasm and a positive attitude to the world. This gives us the opportunity to undertake ambitious and difficult projects throughout the country and Europe. If you want to join our team, send your CV and cover letter to rekrutacja@ibg.gda.pl.

Snow Control 1 measurement

Measurement of deformations of steel structures of an industrial facility

Snow Control 2 measurement

Measurement of deformations of a steel tank hull.

Server room of the Military Clinical Hospital No. 5

  • Server room area [m2]: 63
  • Electrical power: 78 kW
  • Electrical power of facility: 1816 kW
  • Number of RACK cabinets: 13
  • Fire protection systems: Extinguishing with gas

Server room in the city hospital in Gliwice

  • Server room area [m2]: 54+64
  • Electrical power: 257 kW
  • Electrical power of facility: 5000 kW
  • Number of RACK cabinets: 8+10
  • Fire protection systems: SSP

Server room at the Provincial Hospital in Włocławek

  • Server room area [m2]: 41
  • Electrical power: 65 kW
  • Electrical power of facility: 2280 kW
  • Number of RACK cabinets: 12
  • Fire protection systems: SSP
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